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Ovidiu Calin

Visiting Professor

Mailing Address:
Kuwait University
Faculty of Science
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science,
P.O. Box 5969
Safat -13060

Contact Info:
Phone: 24985379
FAX: 24817201
Office: 31 KH, 



Ph.D. Ph.D.Doctorate of Philosophy, University of Toronto, Canada.
M.Sc. M.S..Master of Science, University of Bucharest, Romania.
B.Sc. B.S.Bachelor of Science, University of Bucharest, Romaina.

Interests and Research:

-Differential Geometry of Riemannian and sub Riemannian mani folds.

-Kernels of  elliptic and sub-elliptic operators.

-Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechines.

-Mathematics of Finance.