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The Faculty of Science originated as a combined Science, Arts and Education Faculty in 1966/67. In 1971, it acquired an independent status vide the Amiri Decree of October 20, 1971, leading to the separation of Science from Arts and Education components. The newly constituted Faculty of Science had six Departments -- Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Botany and Geology.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is now among the largest departments in the University, as it provides teaching for 43 different courses every semester distributed over 139 sections. These sections not only serve the Department, but also serve the other Departments and faculties, such as the College of Petroleum and Engineering, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Allied Health, the Faculty of Education.

In 1971, the University Senate ratified plans to improve the educational and administrative structures of the University by splitting the Faculty of Science, Arts and Education into two separate faculties: the Faculty of Science, that naturally included the Department of Mathematics, and another for Arts and Education.

At this point the Department was exercising the yearly system for teaching, as was the whole Faculty of Science. Mathematics, along with Physics and Chemistry, were among the first major groupings available for students seeking a bachelor degree. A student seeking a bachelor degree in the first major group would be exposed to both Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. In 1973 the Faculty Council ratified plans to institute single-major degrees among the system of major groups; that is, a bachelor degree candidate can get a degree in one major only.

Disciplines such as Computer Sciences and Statistics were eventually added to the choice of majors geared for undergraduate degrees and these majors were among the third grouping.

In 1975/1976 the system of education in Kuwait University was changed from the yearly system to the course unit system. There were then 9 separate essential majors, including Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Mathematical Statistics. As the Faculty of Science grew in size, a new Department for Statistics and Operations Research was initiated in 1989. This Department was formed by aggregating the discipline of Operations Research in the Mathematics Department to the Statistics Department, which was removed, from the Faculty of Commerce, Economics and Political Sciences (currently the Faculty of Business Administration).

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences was among the foremost in the provision of Computer Science studies, and in satisfying the needs and demands of the community’s institutions, and scientific and commercial organizations for graduates in this lively discipline. In particular, the Department instituted the Mathematics Computer Centre (M.C.C.), which provides excellent service to more than 800 students each term, in addition to services provided for the faculty members. In 2010 A new Department for the Computer Science is initiated.

Many dedicated chairpersons headed the Department during the period 1966 – 2008, as listed below :