Graduate Program

The Department of Mathematics offers graduate study leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), Master of Science in Mathematics (M.Sc.) and Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences (M.Sc.). The department has strength in algebra, analysis, computational mathematics, differential equations, differential geometry, discrete mathematics, dynamical systems and control.

To be admitted to either of the M.Sc. programs, a student should have a Bachelor's degree in mathematics, or a closely related field, with a minimum major grade point average (MGPA) of 3.00 out of scale 4.00.

The Ph.D program in mathematics is intended for students with superior mathematical ability and emphasizes the development of creative scholarship and breadth and depth in background knowledge. To apply for admission to the Ph.D program, a student must normally have successfully completed, with a GPA not less than 3.00 out of scale 4.00, a Master's degree in mathematics equivalent to the one offered by the department of Mathematics at Kuwait University. Students with a Master of Science degree in a closely related field are also encouraged to apply provided they can complete the deficiency in the required mathematics courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels within one semester. Deficiency course can not be used to fulfill the degree requirements. Only full-time students are admitted to the program. Current research interests of the faculty include:

Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Integral Transforms, Fractional Calculus, Algebra (ring theory); Analysis (Functional Analysis, Operator Theory; Approximation Theory and Fourier Analysis), Geometry (General Topology, Differential Geometry, and Algebraic Topology), Combinatorics, Dynamical Systems and Control.

For any enquiries, kindly contact:
Prof. Nejib Smaoui
Graduate Program Director