Math Lab


Teacher Assistants available for you to answer and help you in your mathematics. It is scheduled daily from 9 am til 3 pm.


The purpose of the MathLab is to aid students in developing their mathematical abilities. The lab is staffed by teaching assistants who are available to help students in their mathematical courses.

Instruction in the MathLab is very informal. Students are welcome to come to the lab with questions whenever they need help in understanding math course work. The lab has two computers which students may use.

Our goal in the lab is to increase each student's understanding of her or his course material. This takes time and active participation on the student's part. Please do not expect the lab to provide quick answers for the purpose of completing homework assignments. This does you a disservice. If we can help you understand the material so you can complete your assignment, we will be glad to do so.


11 KH , Basement.

MathLab Rules and Regulations:

Kindly avoid irrelevent discussions in the MathLab.