M.Sc. Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers a graduate program that leads to the degree of Master of Science in Mathematics. The program features a thesis and a non-thesis options. The thesis option requires a successful completion of a thesis, and the non-thesis option requires the completion of a project. Both part-time and full-time students can be admitted to the program. Current research interests of the faculty include:

Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Integral Transforms, Fractional Calculus, Algebra (Ring Theory); Analysis (Functional Analysis, Operator Theory; Approximation Theory and Fourier Analysis), Geometry (General Topology, Differential Geometry, and Algebraic Topology), Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics, Dynamical Systems, and Control.

  • Program Vision:

To be recognized as one of the top mathematics department in the region for offering a strong M.Sc. program in Mathematics, and to be valued internationally as a significant contributor to the continuing graduate education in the field.

  • Program Mission:

To train students to apply and disseminate mathematical knowledge and understanding.

  • Program Objectives:

- To provide students with a comprehensive mathematical education at Kuwait University, so that they can either continue to pursue a Ph. D program at top institutions around the world or to pursue Master and Ph. D programs abroad.

- To compete successfully for employment and higher positions in government, industry, and non-profit organizations.

  • Values:

- Excellence

- Creativity

- Integrity and Professionalism

- Service to society