Major Sheet


The program requirements are (non-thesis option in parenthesis):

21 (33)

3 (6)

6-12 (6-12)

6-12 (15-21)



0410 – 510

0410 – 593

0410 – 597-599

Analysis I

Project (for non-thesis options only)

Thesis (for thesis options only)

BASIC COURSES : A minimum of 6 credits must be taken

The student must take at least two courses from the following courses:

ELECTIVE COURSES *(3 credits each)

The student chooses from the following courses with the approval of his/her Supervisor

*The student can substitute 500-level courses from other graduate programs or 400-level courses from the undergraduate program in mathematics at Kuwait University for courses in the elective list. The Graduate Program Committee must approve the substitution and the total number of credits substituted in any combination cannot exceed 6.